Dad’s bedroom makeover

My dad is the best. Really the best.

He is handy around the house and always up for a new project, but has never been in any rush to completely reno his 1940’s bungalow. A basement update here, new baseboards there, but for it to take 15 years for his pink and black tiled bathroom to be given a face lift I’d say “no rush” is an understatement.

Which is why I believe my father would never make a point of updating his bedroom. In his eyes, this is last on the priority list as nobody sees it and “it’s just my bedroom”. I felt truly sorry that he believed that. Bedrooms can be a sanctuary! They should bring you peace and tranquility, represent your style and make you excited to go to sleep and wake up in.

So, while my dad planned a golf trip in Mexico over his birthday I planned a surprise renovation in his honour. Plus, what am I good for if I haven’t learned anything from Dad ? ; )

dad's bedroom renovation before picture

Dad’s bedroom BEFORE

Dad's outdated bedroom before picture

Purple on Purple

A reminder that this blog aims to focus on the richer AND poorer approach to design, and in this case I was indeed poorer. I had to pick and choose where I would focus the budget for this project. Priorities were a fresh coat of paint, new bed linens, to hell with those hideous lamps, and some simple drapery. The white furniture would have to stay although I didn’t mind as it fit nicely into my vision for the space. The piece de resistance for this room would be a new headboard, fully designed and constructed by yours truly. Other than that, I worked some other touches into the room from decor I felt better used by my dad rather than collecting dust in my storage locker.

The breakdown looks as follows:

Paint: Home Depot, $50.00

Duvet cover: IKEA, $50.00

Drapes: Homesense, $30.00

Lamps: IKEA, $40.00 each

Rug: my own

Bridge canvas: my own, originally Homesense, $200

Rustic Headboard: total for all materials roughly $35.00

Grand total: $ 245.00

dad's bedroom makeover after photo

Dad’s bedroom AFTER

simple rustic father's bedroom

Simple, clean

rustic DIY stained headboard

Rustic DIY headboard

Dad returned from golf at 2 am and switched on his bedroom light to quite the surprise. Needless to say, we now see eye-to-eye on the importance of bedroom decor and he is loving his new man den.